NY4P Newsletter, September 2017

NYC Vote

 2017 Election: Where the Candidates Stand on Open Space

It's primary day in NYC, and there's still time to vote - polls close at 9pm. Earlier this month we sent our Public Realm Bill of Rights to every candidate, and asked them four questions about the bill. Read their responses to find out where the candidates stand on open space so you can make an informed decision today, and again in the general election on Tuesday, November 12th. Read the candidates' responses.

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New York Restoration ProjectMeet a Few New Yorkers 4 Parks
Jason Sheets and Donte Taylor are on the horticulture team at New York Restoration Project, caring for gardens across the city, and building and maintaining relationships with the New Yorkers who use them. Neither originally imagined making a career in horticulture, but they now have over 30 years with NYRP between them and an inspiring passion and enthusiasm for their work. Learn more about Jason and Donte»

NY4P's New StaffMeet NY4P's Newest Staff
We're thrilled to be joined by four new staff members who are already diving in to improve and protect NYC's open space. They have experience working in NYC and internationally, with backgrounds in parks, law, farming, and the arts. Get to know Gabriella, Mariana, Caitlin, and Michelle, and meet the folks who keep NY4P going. Meet the newest staff»

La Carta de los Derechos de Dominio PublicoLa Carta de los Derechos de Dominio Publicó
La Carta de los Derechos de Dominio Publicó explica los principales que La Ciudad debe seguir para crear y mantener espacios abiertos de calidad para todos. Haz clic aquí para ver La Carta de los Derechos de Dominio Público en español»
Party 4 Parks 2017Join Us at the 2017 Party 4 Parks
Join us at the Party 4 Parks on October 23 as we honor Doug Blonsky, President and CEO of the Central Park Conservancy! Get your tickets»

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